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Representing the highest principles of ethical conduct in the
private, public and special investigator profession

The Indiana Association of Professional Investigators has adopted these principals and its members use them as their code of conduct as they pursue the American ideals of truth, justice and fairness on behalf of their clients.

The investigators linked to the professional investigative services within this site are
IAPI members and vow to abide by the following code of ethics...

  Code of Ethics 

To help define the freedom, liberties, rights and privileges guaranteed every citizen by the United States Constitution.
To perform any duties as a private or special investigator to the highest standard of excellence.
To always conduct my investigations within the limits of the law and to adhere to the administrative rules of the states which may apply to my profession.
To insure that each client I serve is provided a clear description of the investigative and related services I provide, along with the usual and customary fees charged, and to provide an accounting for all fees and expenses when asked to do so.
To refrain from accepting any assignment where a clear conflict of interest exists.
To never permit any personal bias or prejudice I may have interfere with the faithful discharge of my duty to my clients.
To deal with my clients in an honest and forthright manner at all times.
To safeguard, to the extent provided by law, the confidentiality of my
clients as well as any confidential information that may come my way.
To never advertise or otherwise represent my services to my clients or the general public in a misleading or deceptive manner.
To always conduct myself in an honest, fair and ethical manner whenever engaged in the competitive solicitation of work.
To never directly or indirectly injure the personal or professional reputation of another investigator or investigative agency.
To take advantage of professional growth and training opportunities whenever possible.
To offer my assistance and guidance to colleagues who may otherwise benefit from my experience, education and/or training.
To support the efforts of the Indiana Association of Professional Investigators in promoting high standards for the profession of private or special investigators.



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